St. Faustina Diary

Assignment 10: Diary Entry 86 & 90

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  1. #86 While reading this I was taken aback by how much she cared for her confessor & how much she cared about his suffering. When I read the line that had [36] in it, I went to that notebook reference & I realized how much she “had to” suffer. Then I read where Jesus spoke to her about how he, her confessor, had to suffer to increase his merit. I absolutely love the last line, “I do not reward for good results but for the patience & hardship undergone for “My sake.” How often I suffer when it comes my way & instead of “knowingly” doing it for Christ’s sake, I end up suffering for suffering sake. To me this is a wake up call for how I am to deal with all the stuff, [suffering] that will & does come my way, as all of us have it. We “must” do it for His sake!!!

    #90 First paragraph talks again about suffering for her confessor & herself. While talking about being grapes & the wine press, I couldn’t help but think about our dad, ‘Grandpa” to Jane & Nicole, & what we watched while growing up & how he pressed his grapes. That image was crystal clear in my head. So while we are being “pressed”, let us do it for real merit, which only comes from Christ Himself.
    The 2nd paragraph again talks about obstacles put in her confessors path, so that in the end this was surely God’s work, not his. I read [38] & found how God uses obstacles to help us suffer, to become more like Him. Here again, I love the last line in this paragraph. “It is not for the success of a work, but for the suffering that I give reward.” My biggest thing to remember is ” suffering for HIS sake, not mine.”

    God bless, Cocoa1943

  2. This just made alot of sense to me. You are not to give up, just see the tasks through that are thrown at you knowing that it is God’s Will. You may not effectively solve the problem you feel you must undertake, but knowing He wants you to persevere no matter the suffering you encounter for your own eternal good.

  3. I guess this is another assignment that makes me think of how much our Protestant brothers and sisters are missing out by not having the fullness of the faith. Jesus is reminding us that suffering, if undergone for His sake, can be redemptive and can actually have a purpose. If I’m not mistaken, our Protestant brothers and sisters don’t have the same view of suffering as we do. Suffering is so much easier to bear if you know it can be used for a greater good! Easy to say but hard to remember if you’re in the middle of the suffering, I know. If our society in general had a better view of suffering, I don’t think there would be such evils as abortion and euthanasia either.


  4. Peace,

    When everything is rosy the world is great and we go on enjoying life; we see God in the sunrise, sunset, children’s faces, our family, etc… We do not need direction to handle good times but when it comes to sorrow and suffering, we need direction. (Jane & all, I love your thoughts on this) God understands the need to keep us focused on what is important – God, Our soul, His will, Heaven – (I wish I would have written down my thoughts after I awoke this morning – they made me feel as if I understood more than I write now. Christ gives us the example to persevere under any difficulty. Suffering is not bad- it is just part of this gift of life.

    God’s Love

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