St. Faustina Diary

Assignment 13: Diary entry 378 (make sure you read footnote 89)

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  1. # 378

    This one is another very sobering piece to read. It reminds me that we certainly could be heading for some very serious times. Certainly, a time of great suffering on the horizon. I heard our priest, Fr. Dan, say several times this past year, that this is a time of His mercy. He would encourage us to rely heavily on it as after that would be the time of His judgement. St. Faustina’s lines, “That God is infinetly merciful, no one can deny. He desires everyone to know this before He comes again as Judge.” I pray I will be faithful to whatever He wills in my life & always keep His mercy in my mind & heart.

    I have known 2 people here that had the Divine Mercy chaplet said for them on their death beds this past year. Both died very peacefully & the people around them were deeply affected by saying this chaplet at that time. The man that died had such a deep peace about him that people had to stop themselves from saying he is a saint. What Christ said at the end of this note, certainly leaves me to believe that is exactly what happens.

    The reference to #89, mentions about the image & when it was first honored. It took many years after that before the image spread throughout the world but look at it now!!! I love the last line, “The work of Redemption is bound up with the work of mercy requested by the Lord.” What a miracle to be part of this life & what awaits us all.

  2. Her Spiritual Director had to suffer greatly! He knew St. Faustina so well that the messages she received was so necessary for the whole world to receive. And yet this happened!! You can almost feel his grief and agony. I know God does not make mistakes. , As it is written, “How incomprehensible his judgments, how unsearchable His ways”. Oh Jesus, I Trust in You

  3. For me this passage reminds me how NOT in control I am. God orchestrates everything. He let the message of the Divine Mercy be hidden all those years to help us to understand that it really came from Him. God gives us free will, yet everything still happens according to His plans….that’s a lot to think about!

    And I still need to work on mortifying myself and accepting suffering better. St. Faustina makes it so clear how important suffering is, and the acceptance of it and offering it up to God, and I still never mortify myself and I usually tend to complain and eat large amounts of chocolate when suffering is sent my way. We’re lucky she didn’t do the same when God sent suffering her way (same with Father Sopocko!) St. Faustina reminds me how crucial it is to have a proper understanding of the role of suffering in the spiritual life!


  4. Peace

    St. Faustina’s gift to see into the future greatly impresses me. I imagine Fr. Sopocko’s suffering with seeing his life’s work being apparently hidden was very intense( diary entry 604 gives you an idea). I love knowing that by design, the Diary and the adoration of Divine Mercy we are reading/practicing today was kept from the world for almost 20 years. I can’t find the passage now, but somewhere in the Diary Christ said to Faustina “…. from Poland shall come my spark…”. so isn’t it interesting that the person responsible for the rescinding of the 1959 Notification was no other than Poland’s Cardinal Karol Wojtyla.

    So for us to proclaim God’s Goodness- sends satan running to the bottom of hell, well, I think I can do that!

    God’s Love,


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