St. Faustina Diary

Assignment 14: Diary Entry 325 & 326

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  1. #325
    The first thing I noticed when I started to read this was that it was the feast of the Assumption. I mention this because I think everything in her notes are significant. When our Blessed Mother appeared to her she told her to pray, pray & pray. She, Blessed Mother, said the word, “demand,” in reference to her praying. What does this say to us? I think of how often I reluctantly go into prayer & always aware of the time limit I put on myself. Our Lady also mentioned praying for the world, especially for St. Faustina’s Poland. All of us know of what happened with World War 11 & the horrors that came from it. I think back on what Mike & I saw in Auschwitz & Birkenau & the unspeakable horrors that went on there.
    Our Lady also mentioned to her about going to Mass & receiving communion for 9 consecutive days, & that she, St. Faustina, would be as an offering at all times, night & day. Isn’t 9 always used in novena’s? Again, I think this is something we are to pay attention to. When Our Lady then tells her that when she awakens she is to pray in the spirit. How does one do that, pray in the spirit? I have an idea but I hope someone comments on how we accomplish that.

    The gaze that Jesus referred to on the picture as being the same that He had while looking from His cross, makes me want to study it more. How blessed St. Faustina was to actually see this while He appeared to her!!

  2. 325: I didn’t realize Mary came & spoke to her as well. How can I remain in prayer with all my children & life distractions? I wish there was a class. I believe I would be more at peace. This passage is a great reminder to pray more.

    326: I now look at my picture in a different way. What a powerful poster/print. Thank you!

    Lots of love,


  3. Anita Wrote
    Hi Everybody!! The passage that really got me was about also praying in spirit. The one thing that stood out in my mind was the 1st. part of the “Magnificat”. When she said “My soul does magnify the Lord and my spirit does rejoice in God my Saviour. It is almost like the spirit is a product of your soul. For years I have wondered about that proclamation She made. The Rosary is such a powerful prayer! Everyone in this group really cares about doing the right thing and that I feel is part of our spirit Our Mother was referring to.

    The gaze is so compelling. A person can see grief, kindness and concern. He really want us to REALLY trust Him.

  4. Peace,
    #325, Mother Mary does give St Faustina some very clear instructions and I too believe we should take a cue from this with regard to our prayer life. I also was intrigued with the meaning of the last line about praying ” in the spirit”. I asked one of our friends after Church, what “praying in the spirit” might mean. she said that is when you don’t know how to pray, just let the Holy Spirit pray thru you (Praying in the Spirit is known to the Charismatics)

    After looking at the print closely, I think I have burnt the Christ’s gaze into my mind, so I can see it in my mind’s eye whenever I want. When I meditate on the picture with that knowledge about the gaze, I see the very love He has for all of us.

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