St. Faustina Diary

Assignment 17: Diary entry 424 – (if you feel brave, read on to the next two (425, 426) . No need to comment on them but meditate on their meaning.)

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  1. 424: I am a little regretful that I didn’t enter the religious life after reading this. I have alot of work to do to get closer to Him! I believe this analogy will stick w/ me forever. What a humbling & vivid reminder!

  2. In this reading, I picked up on the use of the word “Christian”. “faithful Christian” to be exact. So ALL “faithful Christians” will have a light. God uses words perfectly and I don’t think this reading is an exception. Didn’t Christ say “…no one can come to the Father except through Me”. But that doesn’t mean that other faiths won’t go to Heaven but will they have a light? And if a lay person, like Gianna Molla, can become a Saint, is she considered “Religious”? I am happy that I have the possibility to have a light, albeit a twinkle.

  3. I have such a hard time with passages like this. It’s really hard when we live in a time and place that emphasizes everyone’s total equality to realize that God created some people to shine more brightly than others. I know that He still love me but it would be easier for me if I thought I was one of the “bright” ones and not a dim one. This is a good lesson in humility for me I think.

  4. #424
    What a powerful image the moon & stars are when one reads this note. I thought about it a lot. This is what went through my head as I read this. Religious not only strive to perfect their lives but attempt through prayer & actions to lead others to Christ. Pretty much, this is their entire life. In a much smaller way, we, “faithful Christians,” who are “in” the world, attempt the same things, but because of our many demands, our focus is dimmer than theirs. I love the last line, “True greatness is in loving God & in humility.” What struck me the most was that as a secular Carmelite, we just studied & discussed how much humility & love go together & that leads to detachment. We didn’t come up with that, St. Teresa of Avila did & she went into great detail as to how this happens & how important it is. It takes a strong will to continue to try & achieve this goal & of course, grace from God. I think that everyday I wake up, it feels like a clean slate to try, yet again.

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