St. Faustina Diary

Assignment 18: Diary Entry 452

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  1. This reading caused me to look up the 2 words, recollected & dissipation. Dissapation, as I read the meaning, went like this; squandering, scattering, energy frivolous diversion, wasteful, excessive indulgence in pleasure, intemperance. Then I searched for the word, recollected. The keyword is, collect, gather together again. What this meant to me was that it is so important to be focused on God & He would then communicate with us. When we “indulge” in worldly cares we drive out Gods words that are so needed in our lives.
    I read something St. Thomas Aquinas wrote this morning, “If a man does not do good from a super natural motive, neither does God grant him a reward.” It seemed to fit right in with these reading. God bless love.

  2. Every time I see the word “recollected”, I think of my time in prayer, which is anything but recollected most of the time. My thoughts are usually all over the place. I can start out just fine, but eventually (usually by the line “hallowed be thy Name” in the Our Father!) I’m thinking about anything but God. At first when I read this, I thought that was kind of unfair because I can’t really help that my mind wanders so much, and I do try to concentrate, but I just can’t seem to do it. It’s not fair that God will only speak to me if I get my thoughts under control! Then I started thinking that maybe my thoughts wander the way they do because the things that I tend to think about when I should be praying are the things that I have my heart set on more than God, if that makes sense. Maybe if God and doing His will were really most important to me, it would be easier for me to spend time in prayer with Him without my mind wandering in a million different directions. Every time I think I have a handle on things, UB comes up with another diary entry that reminds me how much I don’t have a handle on things!

  3. 452: I took this as God would like us to become more of a community
    under God. I remember when I went to world youth day how powerful it
    was to be at mass w/ thousands of people all there for the same
    reason. Sometimes being selfish can hurt God’s community-I believe he
    always wanted us to lean on each other-even strangers.

    I love you all,


  4. Peace,

    Don’t you just love the beginning line : “If only souls would become recollected…” What does God want us to recall and keep? Could God just want us to remember His Son’s Passion? I personally am hearing that message time and time again. Forgetting Christ’s Passion dilutes my life.

    I really appreciate all you have written; it brought more out of this “short and sweet” reading than I ever expected! Jane- You have (with Christ’s Love) more of a handle on things than you think.

    God’s Love

  5. I’m looking for the place in St. Faustina’s Diary where she mentions, “It is truly easy to become holy; it just takes a little good will!…The shortest road is faithfulness to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.”

    This was stated in the book, IN THE SCHOOL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT by Jacques Philippe. And the footnotes refered to Petit journal de Soeur Faustine (Marquain, Belgium, Jules Hovine), p. 142; English ed; St. Faustina Kowalska, Diary; Divine Mercy in my Soul. This quote was not in the Diary on p 142 so it must be a Belgium interpretation of the Diary.

    Can anyone find this quote in her Diary for me?

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