St. Faustina Diary

Assignment 19: Diary entries 186 & 187

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  1. Hello!

    I still am embarrassed to say I haven’t prayed the Chaplet yet. I
    don’t know how. Hopefully I will learn soon:)

    187: Jesus’ Passion is incredibly painful-It is so amazing what He
    did for us. How blessed we are that Jesus wants conversion of all
    sinners & does not give up on us! I cry a lot when I think of Jesus’
    Passion-its difficult but necessary to go to that “place”.

  2. #186-

    I don’t think I could ever fully appreciate the love God has for all of us. I really pray that this Lent will be one where I can meditate on a much deeper level what His Passion meant for all of us. I find it so hopeful where He instructs us to call on His Mercy on behalf of sinners. We certainly have people we “worry” & “fret” over, mainly because of the choices they make. The end of the phrase I just wrote, “on behalf of sinners,” I certainly can put myself in that group also. The mentioning of a contrite heart & faith while praying this prayer that He taught her, & He WILL give them the grace of conversion. How powerful is that!!!

    Everyday at daily Mass we say, after Mass, the Chaplet. What I need to memorize & say is the prayer of #187 before we start it. We take turns at Mass saying the Chaplet, I think I will print it out for myself & others, so, we will get in the habit of saying it with all the other prayers in the Chaplet.

  3. I have always struggled with knowing that God loves me, but meditating on the Passion does help–I just seem to forget it as soon as I’m done! But to think that He would have gone through all of His Passion even just for me, if I was the only person on earth, or the only person that needed to be saved, He would have done it all just for me, just so I could be in Heaven with Him someday if I so choose–that’s definitely something to think about! If we ever fully understood how much He loves us, no one would ever be able to function because we would all just be in a swoon all the time thinking about it. I guess that’s what Heaven must be like, huh?

    Ditto to what Aunt Anita said below! My feelings exactly!


  4. Peace,

    Here Christ’s promise to …”give him the grace of conversion.”, is one very powerful statement. ( I agree Cocoa!) Grace to a sinful soul. Wow! This Soul of ours must be a very special possession. I pray I can understand the soul, as best as I can.

    I love the prayers in this diary; 950 tells me the Mercy given to me must be shared. Yes, it does say it all (Anita) So, now how do you get your arms around that? ( Yes I am trying to memorize this prayer also)

    Jane & Nicole I love the way of what Christ did for us is unfolding to you two.

    God’s Love,

    • Indeed ahoentr mystical idea, which is never absent from the mind of St. Paul, is that the individual Christian must live thru, and experience personally, the redemptive life of Christ…from justification to sanctification, the latter is the process begun in Christ..and shows forth the reality of the former. But often they are seen together as a whole, as again Paul states in 1 Cor. 6: 11. Beautiful mystery!

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