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Assignment 3: Diary Entry 294 & 1087

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  1. 1087
    I listened to Father Corapi the other day (EWTN) and he talked about virtue. He said God tests us when we try to be more virtuous so we can become stronger. Fr Corapi said “How can we fight the battle, if we don’t know where the battlefield is?” God leads us to the battlefield and wants us to call on Him for help. I too depend on myself and then wonder why I make no progress.

    I pray that I can recognize when God gives me graces and that I look for souls to share these graces with. (Another call to action? I would say.)

    Anita Thank You!

  2. Oh, trying to figure out the incomprehensible!! How do you know when you are getting more grace? In my case it is so necessary with all the stumbling around I do. He knows us so well and our needs. It goes back to the trust, total trust we must have in Him! Everyone of us is unique!! We are all his creation. God does not make mistakes and he allows us to make them and learn from them! It is such a humbling thought.

  3. 1087- What a humbling assignment this one is! I remember years ago praying for patience & another virtue & I was amazed at how worse off I was than before I even thought of asking for this. We are to count on Him for “everything.” How easy it is to think we are the master of all & easy to forget who it is we need to turn to. What a loving, merciful God we have that shows us where we err!!

    294- The first line reminds us of how we are to “beg,” for graces & “always” give thanks!! Our unworthiness is a fact that God is well aware of. We are to “rejoice” all the more & take these graces, “hold” them & “use” them, for the glory of God! Toward the end of this note, God reminds her to take these graces not only for ourselves, but others by encouraging these souls to “trust” in His infinite Mercy! He then reminds us of how He loves souls who have total confidence in Him & how He will do everything for those souls. Again, what a loving & merciful God we have!!!

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