St. Faustina Diary

Assignment 4: Diary Entry 47, 48, 49, & 50

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  1. Hi again,

    A little more to read this time but I did, & here are my answers.
    #47- What a miracle to realize that which St. Faustina saw & heard would become a message of hope & salvation for the whole world. Just like Christ said it would. The water & blood coming from His side, reminded me of a piece on one of the educational tv show that showed what happens to a person who has a major heart attack, that water & blood comes. They ended the piece with remarking that they believed that is what happened to Christ in the Garden of Gessemane while he was deep in prayer. Other than what I saw I don’t have any other source to say that is what happened. Certainly, He suffered a great deal for our sins to save us, we just have to trust, believe & turn our lives over to Him.

    #48- We are reminded of the importance in venerating His Divine Mercy image. What amazing hope we have!!! When I was in Poland, I saw a very large picture in one of the church’s, of Pope John Paul 11, venerating the Divine Mercy picture. It was very touching to look at & I could see where he was almost prostrate in front of it. I hope I never become complacent when looking at that image.

    #49- This note was a little hard for me because I realized that St. Faustina was never able to successfully paint the image. She tried, several times but it didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to. The priest told her it was to be painted on her soul & Christ after that, reiterated that she was to paint it. He also mentioned the Feast of Mercy on the First Sunday after Easter. As we all know, that is exactly what has happened in OUR time!! What incredible times we live in!

    #50- This note relates to priests the importance of letting sinners know of His mercy. How “nothing” is to keep sinners away from His Mercy & that He aches for this to happen. It reminds me of how bad it is for any of us, once given the opportunity to talk about His Mercy to others, to simply ignore it.
    The next paragraph is rather ominous. We again are reminded of how we are not to distrust His Mercy. How the “chosen” souls cause Him even greater pain. Who did we determine are the “chosen” souls? I remember someone saying priests & someone else said, all who believe. I read a prayer for priests last night that St Francis Xavier wrote. & quote, “Do not allow that Your divine Son be despised by unbelievers any longer, but that He will be appeased by the prayers of Your “chosen” ones & of the Church, the Spouse of Your Most Blessed Son, who is our health, life & resurrection, through whom we are saved & set free & to whom be given glory forever. Amen.” I’m not sure this answers it a 100%.
    After He mentions the above, He comments that His death wasn’t enough for them. After that the warning, “Woe, to that soul who abuses these gifts.” How often do I remember or take seriously these gifts of sufferning & hope, that He so willingly put out there for us.

  2. Hi everyone,

    I was thinking about this during my drive to work today, and for some reason my thoughts turned in a little different direction–I started thinking about the Image, and how lucky we are as Catholics that we realize that God uses material things to give us graces, you know like with sacramentals and the Sacraments too–holy water, sacred chrism, bread. He created us, and He knows that we experience things through our senses, so He uses those things to communicate graces to us. And I thought that was like the image too, He’s using that to give us graces, to remind us that He loves us and He wants us to trust in Him and not be afraid of Him. Our Protestant brothers and sisters for the most part don’t recognize that and I think they’re really missing out. And then that brought me to my second thought, in the last paragraph, about how our distrust of His mercy “tears at His insides”–I’m not a theologian by any means, and I would really love to hear your opinions on this, but I started thinking, God is God, the Creator of the world, of the universe, of all of us–He could choose to not let our indifference affect Him, right? He could just say, oh, they’re not going to love Me back or trust in Me, too bad for them and sort of move on. But do you think the fact that our distrust actually affects Him, that He chooses to let it affect Him, “tears at His insides”, like He says, that is sort of another proof of His love for us? Does that make any sense?

    I like your insights too, cocoa1943. I do wonder too who the “chosen souls” are? We, as Catholics, don’t believe in predestination do we, at least not like the Calvinists do? I think it’s the Calvinists anyway. I mean God, being God, knows already who will accept Him and who will reject Him, so are the chosen ones just the ones that He already knows that will ultimately choose Him in the end?

  3. Peace,

    I zeroed in on “I desire that this image be venerated…” Jane I can’t explain it better than you did! Thank You!

    We do have, as I say, so many tools to use to do God’s will. AND a promise – that He will defend, as His own glory, the soul who venerates His image…the soul will not perish. Powerful ! Now this coming Easter, I hope to be, one, prepared for Easter and I hope to be able to share Divine Mercy Sunday with you all.

    The “chosen souls” (we will have another reading on them later) to me, can be either all souls inclusive or certain souls given similar graces from the beginning. I don’t know if the chosen soul is predestined or given more ability to receive (and loose) grace. Usually, I like to be chosen but in this case run of the mill may not be all that bad. I know that I do not want to tear at His insides.

    cocoa1943, Thank You!, we have talked about my want to concentrate more deeply on the Passion and your insight on blood & water has given me another picture to paint in my mind while saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

  4. He is so hurt by our mistrust and rejection! He is our Father!! Which one of us is not emotionally hurt by rejection by a friend or family member? We are His children. Think of the multitude of time He has been hurt by His children! I have 2 different images, very similar, I wonder which is the one He approved. All He wants from us is to pray, love and forgive.

  5. #47. The picture—It has always struck me that the picture uses none of the sorrowful images of Christ’s passion and death to plead with the soul to listen up. Instead, it is Jesus in His resurrected, glorified body washed of the signs of His agony except for the nail prints. He comes as the Risen One asking us to trust that we, too, can shed our scars if we trust in Him.
    #48. The promises are mind boggling! “…(you) will not perish…victory over enemies… I Myself will defend…”
    #50. “Woe” to us if we abuse this gift of His Mercy that He offers.

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