St. Faustina Diary

Assignment 8: Diary Entry 1167

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  1. # 1167
    What unimaginable power God’s mercy has! All I need to do is turn to it when I feel I am in need. It sounds so simple but I rarely do it. Why is that??
    The fact that satan hates us totally & completly really isn’t new but it is something I haven’t tried to think about. The result of that hatred is so devastating to our self worth & happiness. I must remind myself when I come in contact with that kind of destruction to run to God’s mercy & KNOW He has all the answers for me.
    What this note brings home to me is that God IS the ultimate Good in every possible way. He invites all of us to turn to Him & believe in His mercy. What a great God we have!!! We are all so blessed!!!

  2. Hi everyone:

    Ok, so how strong must St. Faustina’s faith been in the Mercy of God to not completely freak out when she’s having a conversation with satan? If it were me, I don’t think I would have stuck around long enough to hear about how much he hated me, I would have been speeding as fast as I could in the opposite direction, if I hadn’t died on the spot of fright. Instead, St. Faustina probably said to herself, “satan can’t harm me at all unless that’s what God wills, and since I want whatever God wants, then I’m not going to be afraid.” Of course, she didn’t say exactly how he appeared to her, if he appeared physically or whatever, but still. I think she did say elsewhere in the diary that she did see him in all of his evilness. And I’m reading the second notebook right now and last night I just read how she said how the “essence of virtues is the will of God” (paragraph 678) and how she always tried to do God’s will so I think that might be how I tied in this assignment with God’s will.

  3. Peace,

    For me, it is another “call to action”. Talk to others about God’s Mercy! If I share, through my conversation or actions God’s Mercy, I can only imagine the possible great results for that soul.

    God’s Love,


  4. #1167
    To know that all we have to do is to be focused on the goodness of God & His great Mercy & share that fact with the people in our lives, we will cause evil to flee & souls will be encouraged to return to Christ. What a powerful & uplifting message this is for all of us! Colette

  5. Jane, I’m with you on this. There was no fear. Her confidence in Jesus and His mercy was untouchable. Her trust in Him was so complete it was unshakeable. Just think of the peace of soul she had. She was so aware that God had power over satan, there was nothing to fear.

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