St. Faustina Diary

Assignment 9: Diary Entry 85

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  1. Wow!! We are the abyss of His mercy. He does love us and we are all unique in His eyes. It is difficult to comprehend the depth of His love. He gives us all that we need to make it. Then we are further blessed by being born in the U.S., terrific parents in the Catholic faith. All that He wants is our trust and love. Thank you for the blessings you have already bestowed on us. I will try harder to be a better person.

    Pope Benedict XVI said it the best: “All people are sacred, and their names are etched in the heart of the Eternal God.”

  2. Ok, here’s my two cents for the week:

    I was really struck by how Jesus said how he’s immune to our orders and commands, the only reason we even exist is because of His Mercy. How important I think I am some times! And how important I think other “powerful” people in the world are, the President of the US, politicians, even some celebrities, etc. When you really think about it, the only reason they even exist is because of God, and they can’t boss God around, so in the whole vast scheme of things, they’re really not all that important. Neither am I! But instead of getting depressed about how much of a nothing I am in the whole order of things, I find that I’m actually just grateful, because even though it turns out I’m not all that important, He knows that and He created me anyway! And that sort of ties in with Aunt Anita’s quote from Papa Ben “All people are sacred, and their names are etched in the heart of the Eternal God.” We’re not infinitely powerful like God is, we didn’t create the universe out of nothing, things wouldn’t cease to exist if we stopped thinking about them, our plans won’t come to fruition unless God wills it, but He still loves us and our names are etched in His Heart! How totally cool is that?


  3. Hello all, another beautiful reading. In reading the beautiful gift that God gave St. Faustina while receiving Holy Communion, it made me think of something that I read regarding St.Phillip Neri that I recently read. After receiving his Holy Communion & went into his rapture, he wrote this about his experience. “The beauty of the vision surpassed earthly description.” He also said, ” he beheld a multitude of angels & the glory of Paradise.” How often the saints throughout the ages have beheld the same vision of eternity. I can only imagine that these unspeakable wonders are there, waiting for those who love God.
    Two thoughts came to mind when I read our Lords words, “I am the Lord in My essence & am immune to orders or needs. I call creatures into being — that is the abyss of My mercy.” My first thought on the immunity to orders or needs, at first confused me & then I realized that had to be true as God is so far above us. The second part of His sentence made me think of how humbled & blessed all of creation is. Every human, no matter where they are in this world, whether they are just starting out as a fertilized cell or an old person dying, is blessed beyond words as being part of the miracle of His love!!!
    A priest told me recently that we need to “see” the face of Christ in every human being. I pray I will easily see Christ in all I encounter.

  4. 85: What a great reminder that we have no control!! “immune to orders or needs”-we cannot order our Lord around. It is his will I crave and fear sometimes. What if his will I can’t handle or carry through? What if I make a mistake? I struggle w/ change, but it is inevitable. I thought of my little baby during the reading. The abyss of His mercy-I feel so blessed to carry God’s creature into being.

  5. ORIGIN late Middle English: via late Latin from Greek abussos ‘bottomless,’ from a- ‘without’ + bussos ‘depth.’

    I feel as if this reading is God’s answer to everyone, in creations history, who promoted or taught that God could be persuaded into a favor (no gray area here). Jesus gave us these words as Mediator when He entered the Light of the Incarnate Word. I go from thinking I understand those words to wondering if I am even close to understanding what was said.

    St. Faustina goes to see the throne of God – OK – how impressive is that!!?? I meditated on that statement for a time. If God just brushed me with the tiniest amount of understanding, I don’t know if I could handle It.

    Life is one of His gifts to us.

    God’s Love

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