St. Faustina Diary

Assignment 5: Diary Entry 1702 & 1703

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  1. 1702: The word humility was the first word that came to mind reading this. I remembered the story of the mustard seed, our faith always has room to grow and we are no better than anyone else. We can all fall into aroogance and self love very easily even the religious. God’s mercy is so important for all of us, remembering his blessings, his love, and mercy.

    He also reminds us of penance and atonement, which I easily find ways out of. It is so hard to disclose our faults, what we do and don’t do enough. I just remember peace whenever I did go. I was with a group of parents in a reconciliation class, someone asked “How often should we go to confession?” The priest replied, “How happy do you want to be?” A true affirmation to how his mercy gives us graces. I will never forget that reply from the priest.

    I think Jesus reminds us we are all role models like the religious and those in convents. To be humble, modest, to love, and not to judge. To also remember our first love (Jesus) and find ways to rekindle our love. It reminds me of marriage, it takes work or it won’t grow.

    1703: I love Jesus’ reminder of how He wants to be loved by all. It reminds me, how will I show Him love today? How will He know/ my love for Him today?

    I love you all,
    Cousin, Daughter, Niece Nicole

  2. Hello everyone,

    #1702 When I reflected on the first paragraph, eventually, it occured to me this was a response to the first 2 greatest commandments that Jesus gave us in the New Testament. This being, 1. Love your God with all your heart, mind & soul, & the 2nd one, love your neighbor as yourself. I believe He said,”I give you two new commandments,” etc. We have all read this, but I never thought about what would be the ramifications of NOT doing these 2 commandments. It is as if Our Lord put a spotlight on what these ramifications are when we simply ignore them or put ourselves first. The words He uses are very unsettling & doesn’t excuse any actions of ours for not putting Him first. At the end of this paragraph, He warns us of what this means for us if we stubbornly keep putting ourselves first & ignoring Him. I took from this that the fate of this world is destruction & that would be us if we didn’t start giving some thought & action to this First of Jesus’s commandment. For me, this is definetly a new way of thinking when I go to confession.

    #1703 This notebook shows where St. Faustina pleaded for these souls & our Lord heard her. It was comforting to know that there are many souls who still love Him. Our Lord made it clear to her that He desires ALL souls to love. I see where this warning is a gift from Him because it is a chance for us to grow & come back to Him in a real love for Him. How sobering & enlightening all of this is!!

  3. For some reason this week gave me more questions than answers or insights. #1–does anyone wonder if there was a connection between her meditating on the Way of the Cross and the fact that right after that Jesus complained to her about the lack of love in some souls? I mean, I think I read somewhere that was His greatest suffering during His Passion–all the ungrateful souls that He was suffering for, the ones that He was dying for but would reject Him anyway. I don’t know, for some reason that question popped out at me.

    #2–I’m starting to wonder if the “chosen souls” are the ones that He has chosen to serve Him in the religious life and in the priesthood? The second part of paragraph 1702 is what made me think that.

    #3–What does He mean by “How can they sit on the throne of judgement to judge the world”….I thought Jesus was going to judge the world?
    I guess the only thing that struck me that wasn’t a question was the part about how lukewarm souls hurt Him so. It’s another much needed reminder to me that Jesus really loves me and wants me to love Him back, wholeheartedly, and He’s not up in Heaven unconcerned about my life and just recording all the stupid, sinful things I do and waiting to zap me some day. I think there’s probably a lot of people who feel that way and I don’t think He wants us to.

  4. Peace,

    I think we all are ending up with more questions than answers! Could it be as simple as, God (Jesus) just wants to be thanked and remembered for saving all of humanity? Is it through Faustina He is trying to tell us how much our ingratitude hurts him? The words ” the Lord Jesus began to complain …” throws me for a loop – Jesus complain?

    I truly get emotional when I think of my ingratitude towards Him and how grateful I am to have a chance to receive His Mercy.

    Jane, as you can guess, the chosen ones statements bothers me too. If all baptized are chosen, fine, and that would include Priest and religious. But, that definition of chosen ones still includes us and now that we know it, we must act. I would sometimes like to be less chosen because it is more comfortable. Yes, I have a long way to go!

    Nicole, Great insights – you and I (I suspect many others) have the same question – how to show God love? ( in the Diary it says …to love Him do His will) Now all we have to do is figure that out!

    Cocoa 1943, I think each of our souls is the most precious creation of God. I can only imagine something that could be that special!

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