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Reading Assignment 25: 477 & 621

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  1. #477

    While reading about the importance of silence, I couldn’t help but think of how many times, throughout our lives, we strive to learn more about words. Words get us what we want, repel what we don’t, etc. Reading St. Faustina’s note, she tells us that “silence” is a sword in our spiritual struggle.” As a matter of fact,” the Holy Spirit dwells within silent souls without hindrance”. Only in silence can we attain the closest union with God. What powerful words these are! What the world encourages us to do & what Our Lord encourages, seem, at times, to be polar opposites.


    This reading was like an epiphany for me in that my prayers for souls in purgatory could be used for other souls, only if God deems that they would be more beneficial given to another. Never thought of it that way. What a good & loving God we have who would do that for souls in purgatory. We could never have that kind of insight, only He does. This also reminds me of how imperative it is for us to “pray” for the souls in purgatory.

  2. Hello everyone!

    Silence is so hard for me, I always have to get my two cents in a conversation even if what I have to say is relatively unimportant. And even when I do manage to be silent, I have a such a hard time quieting the thoughts in my head and directing them toward God. It’s so easy to get lost in all the noise and commotion of the world and ignore the interior life, and it’s a lot more convenient too…sometimes when I actually do become silent I discover things about myself I’d rather not know!

    God is such a good Father to us, He allows prayers that weren’t even intended for us to help us! I always like to think of my prayers for my family members in Purgatory going to help another soul that doesn’t have anyone left on earth to pray for them if the family member I’m praying for has already made it to Heaven. I hope my family will remember to pray for me when I die, I’m sure going to need it!


  3. Happy Easter to Everyone,

    Aren’t these special Holy Days? Bonnie and I, as “one” of many, had the privilege to receive from our Bishop the Holy Oils of Chrism (Baptism, Confirmation & Priesthood), Anointing of the Sick, and for Catechumens at the Diocesan Holy Thursday Mass for both our Churches. The Cathedral was overflowing with every priest in the Diocese in attendance renewing his priesthood on this special day in remembrance of Jesus Christ establishing His Priesthood and Holy Eucharist. And each Parish throughout the Diocese was also represented with 109 different Parishes likewise receiving the Holy Oils from their Bishop. Truly we experienced the Church as One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic under the headship of The Bishop of Rome, during these very difficult times for our Universal Church.

    477–Silence, such a precious commodity in today’s hectic world! Where are the “Sounds of Silence?” We find it in the stillness of a Church, especially in visits to the Blessed Sacrament. Weekly we try to spend an hour before the exposed Blessed Sacrament. Our prayer intent is mainly related to the Pro-Life issues. My status of prayer is yet in the meditative stage. I like to pray a continuous Rosary covering all 20 mysteries usually completed outside of the Holy Hour.

    621–Prayer intentions, how did St. Faustina know her specific prayer for one “went ” to another? The wonder and the mystery of the economy of God’s graces! Our Pro-Life prayer intentions are for the conversion of the abortionists, and those who support abortion including our President and his Administration. We also pray to spiritually adopt that one special baby slated to be aborted that somehow, someone will intervene. And we always pray for the intentions of our family clan specifically, but also generally, “Lord, that you may meet so and so at their point of greatest need.” And we let the Lord figure out that one!

    477–Do I always have to have the last word? Do I “quickly want to answer back?” “Silence is a sword in the spiritual battle.” It’s as if silence cuts (sword) through the cacophony, the din of noise that usually envelops us.

    621–He is in charge. Jesus is Lord. My role is simply to obey, “pray for other souls.” The Fatima Prayer: “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy.” (This prayer is often added at the end of each decade of the Rosary.)
    Bill, on 517 your statement, “I wish I could be more successful in sharing this gift.” Oh, how I commiserate! Even some of those closest to me want nothing to do with Faith. But Jesus, through Faustina, offers us a way to ambush their “stiff necks” and “uncircumcised hearts.” It is by praying ” Eternal Father, I offer thee the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ in atonement for our sins and the sins of the whole world.” They can refuse our pleadings with them, but NOT our pleadings for them.

    And to all –thank you so much for sharing what is so deep within your hearts, souls and minds. I long for this kind of sharing. It helps me to grow and to know that I am not alone.
    Prayers for you Nicole. Great to hear of your happiness and willingness to “suffer” a little for a “little one.” (Do you know how counter-cultural you are?) Motherhood means being “nailed to the cross” often. ( I remember my own anger sometimes with 5 under 7 and 1 full term four month old already in heaven . NO TIME.!! Now of course, I realize those were my most precious days of my life. At 73, it took a while. I believe the key to patience, and thus the antidote to anger is humility. And humility is the key to being willing to confess before a priest-Jesus. Humility is easier in old age when life’s leveling events have done their work to enable humility. Note Our Lord’s promise to Faustina for the soul that will venerate this picture — to give that soul victory over it’s enemies. Our sins are our enemies, let us venerate/meditate on the Divine Mercy picture.)

  4. Peace,

    #477 What a concept – silence is strength – what comes out of my mouth is sometimes a problem – if only I didn’t say what I said…. Why did I say that …. After reading this from the Diary, I now know that it is worth my while to hold my tongue. Think of all the jewels we are given in this Diary and I think I should share them.

    #621 I also wondered what happened to my prayers for those souls I pray for – why does it not surprise me that God had the answer. So I don’t need to worry if I over prayed for a soul. One less worry!

    God’s Love,


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