St. Faustina Diary

Reading Assignment: 26 Diary entry #630

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  1. This reading made me smile when I read it. When we were in Krakow, Poland, last year, the two sisters who gave us the relic of Saint Faustina, shared this story about her & her angel & the angels guarding the churches. They told us that each time she drove by, they bowed down toward Saint Faustina. Saint Faustina’s comment was, “My angel must be pretty important for them to bow each time we go by.” One of the Sisters, a Sr., Gaudate, [not sure of the spelling,] who happened to be our translator, loved sharing this story & always smiled, almost laughing as she told us along with the other Sister.
    Besides this memory of Poland & St. Faustina, I love the fact that angels guard our churches & what a re-asurrance for us to know & be aware of, our own guardian angels. I was told by a priest, many years ago, that we need to name our guardian angel. He told us that before we go to bed at night, ask God to help us name our guardian angels by giving us his or her name, when we wake up the next morning. I think giving them names, make them even more personal for us.
    We are having summer weather right now, hope you are enjoying it also. God bless, Colette

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