St. Faustina Diary

Reading Assignment #32: 961 & 1783

“961 + This morning after completing my spiritual exercises, I began at once to crochet. I sensed a stillness in my heart; I sensed that Jesus was resting in it. That deep and sweet consciousness of God’s presence prompted me to say to the Lord, “O Most Holy Trinity dwelling in my heart, I beg You: grant the grace of conversion to as many souls as the [number of] stitches that I will make today with this crochet hook.” Then I heard these words in my soul: My daughter, too great are your demands. “Jesus, You know that for You it is easier to grant much rather than a little.” That is so, it is less difficult for Me to grant a soul much rather than a little, but every conversion of a sinful soul demands sacrifice. “Well, Jesus, I offer You (304) this whole-hearted work of mine; this offering does not seem to me to be too small for such a large number of souls; You know, Jesus, that for thirty years You were saving souls by just this kind of work. And since holy obedience forbids me to perform great penances and mortifications, therefore I ask You “Lord: accept these mere nothings stamped with the seal of obedience as great things.” Then I heard a voice in my soul: My dear daughter, I comply with your request.

Excerpt From: Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska. “Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul.” iBooks.

“1783 + When I immersed myself in prayer and united myself with all the Masses that were being celebrated all over the world at that time, I implored God, for the sake of all these Holy Masses, to have mercy on the world and especially on poor sinners who were dying at that moment. At the same instant, I received an interior answer from God that a thousand souls (132) had received grace through the prayerful mediation I had offered to God. We do not know the number of souls that is ours to save through our prayers and sacrifices; therefore, let us always pray for sinners.”

Excerpt From: Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska. “Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul.” iBooks.

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  1. 961: How interesting that the Trinity seems to be amendable to Faustina’s pleadings especially as she calls the Trinity’s attention to the fact that large sacrifices are not possible for her because her superiors have forbidden great penances and mortification due to her compromised, fragile health. Instead she appeals to the Trinity to consider her holy obedience as her great sacrifice. The Lord says in her soul, “My dear daughter, I comply with your request.” What a statement from the Almighty to a humble servant and remember she is begging for the grace of conversion for a multitude.

    1783: A thousand souls had received grace through a single simple act on Faustina’s part of immersing herself in prayer and uniting herself with all the Masses that were being celebrated all over the world at this time, especially for poor souls dying at this moment. She implores us always to pray for sinners. This morning as I was praying the Chaplet I was nudged to pray it for a high school classmate of mine, a doctor, who was just charged with sexual solicitation of a patient. I’d known about the charges for several days and felt disgust and aversion, but this morning came the urge to pray for him. Bonnie.

    961: I delight with the bantering and negotiating St. Faustina does with the Lord. Her persistence and confidence, presuming that the Lord will accept her sacrificial “mere nothings (her crochet stitches!) stamped with the seal of obedience as great things.” And the Lord accepts her offering for the conversion of souls. Quite a lesson and assurance for us while doing our daily offerings of “mere nothings!”

    1783: And then the paradox of sacrificial stitches versus Mass! To go from stitches to “all the Masses that were being celebrated all over the world at that time.” Wow, how is that for a soul saver? “…a thousand souls had received grace through the prayerful meditation I had offered to God.” What power in the attitude and consciousness of the greatness of the One Perfect Sacrifice of the Mass… the re-presentation of Christ’s ultimate sacrificial death on the Cross. What would happen if every Catholic in the world (one billion plus) would pray this way? Gene.

  2. #961

    I think what grabbed my attention was the phrase, “every conversion of a sinful soul demands sacrifice.” To pray for someone you know that appears on the precipice of loosing his or her soul is a given. To understand that some sort of sacrifice is required, takes it to another level of caring for that person. It certainly deepens the prayer experience. I really need to keep that in mind when I do pray for that person.


    Again, St. Faustina reminds us of the necessity of prayers for sinners. For those fortunate souls who can frequent daily Mass or remembers to unite their prayers at any Mass they attend with Masses said around the world that day for sinners is a very meaningful & powerful way of praying for them. I honestly don’t think I ever gave mind to considering uniting my prayers with those being said around the world. What a powerful thought that is!
    We may never know the extent our prayers are heard & responded to. It appears our faithfulness to this form of prayer is very important. We are so blessed to have the benefit of knowing all the discussions, visions, etc.,, that Faustina had during that period in her life.

    God bless, Colette

  3. #961
    Colette, the phrase about “…sacrifice” – also adds a new dimension to what I understand about prayer; having some soul benefit from my prayer is not just a trivial reward (couldn’t think of a better word) . The other thought that came to mind while reading is how again God shows us that a persistent soul asking for their intentions (our Reading 3 #294) is encouraged by Him. Keep asking and don’t stop.

    After reading this passage, I now know there is a “…number of souls…” (not just a abstract maybe) souls that truly receive help from our prays. This helps with my daily prayers – I sometimes have a problem finding a soul or an intention to pray for; creating another way for all of us to unite our prayers with all praying at that moment, to make our small prayer immensely purposeful.

  4. The theme of this whole diary is to pray for sinners. God is Love, and he wants us to love all His people, even the sinners. It is quite obvious to me that the chaplet was given to us to save sinners.

    Saint John Vianney, French Priest, 19th. century, said it so well. “Our sins are nothing but a grain of sand alongside the great mountain of the mercy of God”

    I will say the Rosary for personal intentions that to me are important. I will say the chaplet for God’s mercy on us sinners.

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