St. Faustina Diary

Reading Assignment 36: Diary Entry 1167

“1167 Satan has admitted to me that I am the object of his hatred. He said that “a thousand souls do me less harm than you do when you speak of the great mercy of the Almighty One. The greatest sinners regain confidence and return to God, and I lose everything. But what is more, you persecute me personally with that unfathomable mercy of the Almighty One.” I took note of the great hatred Satan has for the Mercy of God. He does not want to acknowledge that God is good.

Excerpt From: Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska. “Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul.” iBooks.

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  1. Satan actually communicates his hatred for Faustina to Faustina. It is clear that he does not want sinners to know of God’s unfathomable Mercy. If they know, they may come to Trust. And if that happens, Satan loses hold on the sinner. God’s Goodness then overwhelms the sinner. In this passage Satan, the “Father of Lies,” for once is telling the Truth! From Jesus Calling (pg. 283): “Learn to recognize his (Satan’s) deceptive intrusions into your thoughts. One of his favorite deceptions is to undermine your confidence in My unconditional Love. Fight back against those lies. Do not let them go unchallenged.” From James 4: 7-8.”Submit yourself to God, resist Satan and he will flee from you.” Bonnie.

    I have often wondered what has happened to the lack of reference to demons/Satan in modern times. Have we become too sophisticated to believe in what now is portrayed as almost a bogeyman, Halloween type, fictitious ghost? But, if there is no Satan, there is no sin. And if there is no sin, there is no need for Christ’s Redemption. And Satan is delighted! So all the more reason for the Mission of Divine Mercy. “I took note of the great hatred Satan has for the Mercy of God.” Those who believe in and promote the Mercy of God are Satan’s targets. We must continue to pray daily St. Michael’s prayer like we always did as a Church after Mass. Pray over yourself, your family and relatives for a “Hedge of protection, Lord, through your Precious Blood over all of us.” About 25 years ago I started praying and “dressing up” daily with St. Paul’s “Armor of Spiritual Warfare” (Eph. 6.) We need all the help we can get! Gene.

  2. # 1167
    What unimaginable power God’s mercy has! All I need to do is turn to it when I feel I am in need. It sounds so simple but I rarely do it. Why is that??
    The fact that satan hates us totally & completly really isn’t new but it is something I haven’t tried to think about. The result of that hatred is so devastating to our self worth & happiness. I must remind myself when I come in contact with that kind of destruction to run to God’s mercy & KNOW He has all the answers for me.
    What this note brings home to me is that God IS the ultimate Good in every possible way. He invites all of us to turn to Him & believe in His mercy. What a great God we have!!! We are all so blessed!!!

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